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Lilou’s Kitchen is a space where you can learn how to prepare EASY but DELICIOUS recipes. We believe that anyone can be a chef within its own kitchen! If you thought that you couldn’t cook, you are in the wrong! Become a CHEF with our variety of recipes: appetizers, entrees and desserts.


We also know how busy life can get, and we agree that everybody can’t spend six hours in the kitchen preparing dishes. Not only our recipes are simple but they’re also quite fast to make. With our recipes, you friends and family will believe that you used a caterer! That’s how good they are! You have a last minute guest that you need to impress? Choose among several recipes that will NOT take six hours to make.


Mostly inspired by FRENCH FOOD and recipes, you’ll learn which ingredients to choose from and how to make meals worthy of the greatest restaurants! Lilou's Kitchen was created to satisfy French foodies lovers. Take out your apron and spatula; it’s time to get COOKING!


While you steak or vegetables are cooking, browse thru our FOOD TRENDS section and learn interesting things about the food industry or discover new restaurants near you!

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