Lentils Salad

Spice your daily routine with our lentils salad! It's so unique, good and easy! Ingredients: 1 cup of uncooked lentils 1 cucumber 1 red bell pepper 1.5 cup of Duck Prosciutto Pre-Sliced Your favorite herbs (parsley, bay leaf, provence herbs) One lemon Olive Oil Salt to taste Step 1: In a medium pan add your provence herbs and lentils. Cover them with water. Bring to boil, then reduce heat and cook it for about 20minutes. Once your lentils are tender, drain the water and place

Foie Gras Escalope

Foie gras recipes are the best! And even better, there are only two steps to accomplish this recipe! Ingredients: 4 foie gras slices Fleur de sel A pinch of Pepper Step 1: Heat a dry pan on high heat. When the pan is hot, arrange the cutlets of raw foie gras and cook 1 minute on each side if fresh and about 5 minutes on each side if frozen. Step 2: Drain on paper towels and season with fleur de sel and pepper at the last moment. For side choose between gratin dauphinois comin

Bechamel Sauce

Here are the recipe for the famous Bechamel Sauce! Once you master it, you can create so many dishes! Grad your apron! Ingredients: 1 cup of whole milk 1 ounce of butter 2 tablespoons of flour 1 bay leaf Grated nutmeg Salt and pepper Step 1: Melt the butter in a pan. Add the flour and whisk it with the butter. Step 2: Once the flour is completely absorbed with the butter, add the room temperature milk. Mix it in until the sauce thicken. Step 3: Last but not least, add the sal

Pain Perdu (Lost Bread Toast)

For breakfast or for dessert, this recipe has been around for years and years! Easy, no need of a lot of ingredients, and of course super delicious! Ingredients: 2 large eggs ⅓ cup of sugar ¼ cup of milk 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 2 slices of bread (the older the better) 2oz of unsalted butter Chocolate bar Step 1: Mix your egg with the sugar and the vanilla extract. When you obtain a homogenous mixture, add the milk. Pour some of the mixture in a soup plate (it will be


Do you know the cousin of Tartiflette? It's the Croziflette, made with crozet instead of potatoes! The Crozets are small flat square-shaped buckwheat pasta. Trust us, it's just as good! Plus, if you know how to make Tartiflette, you know how to make Croziflette, you just need to substitute the potatoes for the crozets! Ingredients: 1.5 cup of crozets de Savoie 2 white large onions 1.5 cup of Bayonne Ham 1 Reblochon cheese 1⁄2 cup of white wine 3/4 cup of heavy cream Step 1:

Tartiflette (Cheese, Pancetta & Potato Casserole)

Okay, we agree summer is not really the perfect time to eat a Tartiflette, but come on, it's so delicious we can't resist. Plus, it's easy and fast! Ingredients: 3 or 4 big potatoes 2 white large onions 1.5 cup of diced pancetta 1 Reblochon cheese 1⁄2 of white wine 3/4 cup of creme fraiche Step 1: Cook your potatoes with the skin by plunging them into boiling water. Wait approximately 15min or until your tender but not too soft so they won't crumble. Step 2: Cook your diced p