Bake Camembert

French people love their cheese! On bread, toast, by itself, in dishes ... we're cheese people all the way! Learn a different way to eat a famous Camembert: bake in the oven, yum! Ingredients: 1 Camembert Rosemary or Provence Herbs 1 garlic clove Honey (optional) Olive Oil Step 1: Take out the cheese from the box and put the wax paper aside. Insert the lead into box and then pop the Camembert inside. Step 2: Make small slits in the cheese. Peel your garlic clove, cut it and f

Chorizo & Saint Marcellin Roll

Unique, fresh , easy and flavorful ... what else? Ingredients: Brick Sheet Saint-Marcellin Chorizo Pistachio Olive oil Step 1: Cut your brick sheet in four, and brushed with olive oil. Step 2: In the center, add a cube of Saint-Marcellin, crushed pistachio and a thin slice of bresaola. Close it in a triangle form. Step 3: In a medium heat pan, cook your triangle with olive oil until you obtain a golden color. Shop for your quality ingredients here. Bon appétit! #cheese #chori