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Black Ice Cream?!

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Yes, you read it right! Thank to Activated Charcoal, chefs and cooking amateurs are turning their delicious food black. From spaghetti to crêpes or even steak, anything is possible! Strange but very trendy. Restaurants use activated charcoal to give another twist to food. As we all know, we first eat with our eyes. When a dish looks good, we are more likely going to order it. Same thing with different looking food. We are not use to eat black oyster right? It's intriguing so we might make the jump and try it!

It seems like a counter trend against the rainbow and unicorn vogue that submerged social media in all industry, from beauty to food!

But is it safe ? The answer is yes, completely, activated charcoal as many beneficial aspects for our body. It's actually recommended to help detox our body. It is good for our teeth, skin, etc. Plus, it has no flavor, so it won't alter your food at all. You're mash potatoes will still taste like mash potatoes!

WARNING: activated charcoal is different form charcoal (left by a BBQ for instance). Activated charcoal is sold in caps in almost every supermarkets.

Let's create something amazing with it, and keep this in mind for Halloween!

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