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Bugnes or Angel Wings

Updated: May 7, 2018

Oh my, this is a good one! Make sure you're making enough of them because it won't last long! That's how delicious this dessert it!


Step 1: IMPORTANT: Prepare the dough well in advance (at least 1 to 2 hours before).

Mix in a large bowl the flour, sugar, orange blossom water, salt and butter. Create a hole in the center of the mix and pour the beaten eggs inside. If you a stand mixer, use it to create a homogenous dough, if not use your hands it works too! Then, cover it and let it rest at room temperature.

Step 2:

Sprinkle a pinch of flour on your workspace and roll out your dough. Make it really REALLY thin! Cut out rectangles. The size of them is up to you if you want large or small Bugnes.

Step 3:

Time to make your Bugnes look nice and appetizing! In the center of the rectangle make a small incision and take the small size of the rectangle and pass it thru the cut. You should obtain a bow tie kind of shape.

Step 4:

In a frying pan, pour the oil and heat it up. Once it's boiling hot, dip your Bugnes but not all at once, make sure they don't touch each other! Be careful, it's a fast process, don't let them burn! Flip it and once you see a golden color take them out.

Step 5:

Drain the excess oil with a paper towel and sprinkle with powdered sugar, voilà!

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Bon Appétit!

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