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Delicious Fondue

Ready in 15 Minutes

Fondue is a convivial meal: the guests are around a table and prick their pieces of bread with a long fork in the fondue pot in the center of the table. Cheese lovers, this easy recipe will amaze you !

With our easy kit, you will amaze your guests !

Let s see what you need for that ?

At least


You can add if you want

Garlic Sausage (Cut them in cube)

A bit of white wine if you want

Step 1

Cut the bread in pieces and put it in a Bowl to keep it fresh, you will take some and put on your plate when the Fondue will be ready to eat.

Step 2

Take a pot and drop the contents into it.

Step 3

You need to cook it on Low heat and stir often until it boil well .

Step 4

When it's done, take the hot pot on the table, and start to enjoy your Fondue

Advice: Be careful with the pot and don t burn yourself

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