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Edible Water Bubbles!

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Did you know that over 100,000 sea creatures die from plastic entanglement and indigestion, per year? It is a real problem, and we need to take action in order to reduce this number! And let's not talk about how bad it pollutes our beautiful Earth!

Plastic bottles are a curse for the ocean and its inhabitants, but it is something that we CAN control with little to no efforts: buy water container, recycle, etc. Solutions exist. This company seems to take pollution very seriously and created something that can revolutionize the way we drink water.

Edible Water what? Yes, Bubbles! Its creators are working on this beauty since 2014, they wish to reduce the number of plastic water bottles with it. It is essentially a drop of water covered with a tasteless gelatin bubble. Genius, and so much fun, isn't it?

We cannot wait for this to come out!

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