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Home made Goat Pastry

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Make it in : 20 minutes

Cook it in 15 Minutes

Surprised your friends


Ripened Goat Cheese

(Let defrosted 24 hours before in your fridge)

1 Puff pastry

(Let defrosted one hour before cooking)

1 Egs



Step 1

With a glass, make 16 circles into the puff pastry.

Step 2

Place each slice of cheese on a round of puff pastry,

Step 3

sprinkle with basil.

Step 4

Cover with remaining puff pastry.

Step 5

Close all the small pies made in this way.

Step 6

brush with egg yolk and if you want add a bit of honey on the top

Step 7

Cook it for 15 minutes (410 F)

Step 8

Tasting can start

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