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Mushrooms frothy veloute

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Time to make it

Time to cook it

Level : Easy +

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17 Once of mushroom from Paris

2.2 Lb Mix Mushrooms

1 Onion

7 Fl oz of Sour Cream

Half of lemon

7 Fl oz of white wine


Bacon in Option

First part

Step 1

In a saucepan, cook the chopped onion in the butter.

Step 2

Add the minced Paris mushrooms + the lemon juice and cook them for a few minutes.

Step 3

(Before the wine , if there is to much water, drop a bit of it before the next step)

Cover with 80 cl + the white wine, salt slightly and cook at low heat.

Step 4

After that, it must remain 60 cl of liquid. Add the cream and reduce to a slightly velvety consistency. Leave on hold.

Step 5

Cook the chopped mushrooms mixed with a little oil, salt, pepper and add a good pinch of chopped chervil.

Second Part

Step 6

Heat the velouté mushrooms and mix in the blender until obtaining a beautiful frothy mousse.

Step 7

Put the sliced mushrooms in 4 bowls and pour over the velouté . Finish with chervil sprigs or bacon sliced if you like it

Enjoy !!!

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