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Orange Duck

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Today we will show you how to cook your own whole duck. If like us you like to discover new taste this recipe is for you. You will need a large cooking plate and a Oven


Whole duck


Duck legs





Olive Oil

Sugar * 1.55 Oz

* 5 Orange

Honey 1 big spoon

White wine * 1 Glass

Vinegar * 1.30 once

When you decide to cook, you have to know how to do in the best conditions. Try a little air of Vivaldi. Also worked in a proper way with on clean space . Cooking is an Art, and also a knowledge that is passed from generation to generation for decades.

When you receive your whole duck you will have to put it in the fridge and wait 24 at 48 hours to let it defrosted.

Step 1

Cut the duck in pieces, it s always better !

Step 2

Make the base sauce: In a pot put the sugar and vinegar, let caramelize without stirring.

Step 3

Add the orange juice, little quantity by little quantity and let it cook ( Low heat).

Step 4

Brown the pieces of duck in a large pot with a base of oil or butter (cook the skin side first)

Step 5

Remove the pieces and empty the fat from the pan. Put back the pieces, with the white wine, the gastric and the veal stock. Salt, pepper and a spoon of honey

Step 6

Simmer 1h30 to 2h.

Step 7

Peel / zest the oranges (be careful not to keep the "white part peel", vector of bitterness)

Step 8

After 1 hour and 15 minutes, add the orange zest with the piece or orange, 1 glass of fresh juice and finish with a small glass of Grand Marnier

Step 9

At the end of cooking, remove the duck and use the sauce to make the gravy. Mix the sauce with cornflour mixed with a little cold water.

Step 10

Serve hot. Enjoy your meal !

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