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Toast and Salmon

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Many peoples think that cooking and receiving friends or family is complicated. Discover our selection of the moment and amaze them in the easiest way.

One of the most important part is the selection of your salmon, we suggest for you a Natural salmon, the taste will always be better.

Ingredients :


Toppings :



Mini toasts

Creme fraiche




Pearls truffle

For this you will need only 20 minutes, a knife, and a toaster if you like.

Step 1: Take the salmon out of his packaging and leave it on his support

Step 2 : Make slice, and make sure that you separated the different part.

Step 3 : Take your bread, toast or what you will want to and drop the salmon on it.

Step 4 : Don't forget to add some butter, lemon, or parsley and more. You can add all those toppings in once

Now you have a fresh starter. You will always enjoy it and it's easy to make.

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