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Verrines de fromage blanc et fraise

Here are small verrines (glasses), very simple to make. This dessert is low in calories, it's perfect to impress your guests or enjoy it as a gourmet snack!

Total Time: 20 min Make: 4 people


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Step 1

In a bowl beat the yogurt/fromage blanc and sugar. Open the two bags of vanilla sugar and add to the yogurt/fromage blanc .

Step 2

Crumble the petit beurre.

Step 3

Dice the 6 strawberries, they will be use for the topping.

Step 4

In a small glass, put a generous amount of the crumbled biscuit, then a layer of yogurt/fromage blanc and then a layer of Strawberry puree by Andros (or sliced Strawberries ). To finish, add the strawberries on top.

Step 5

Repeat until all ingredients are gone.

Step 6

Serve very fresh. Enjoy!

Bon Appétit!

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