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French Food in the States?

Updated: May 1, 2018

You want to use one of our recipes but you're missing some very hard to find ingredients in the United-States?

Don't worry, it's not impossible, we're here to give you options to help you realize those dishes that will surely impress your guests and family!

In you live in France or Europe, well you're pretty much fine! However, for those living the United States, here are some solutions:

  1. Eurofood Depot: Located in San Diego this gourmet market is speaziled in French food. If you're in San Diego, do check it out (6640 Lusk Boulevard, Suite A107), but if you're elsewhere, go check their website, they deliver in every states! Here is a link: Eurofood Depot Website.

  2. Amazon: hello e-connected world. Amazon has a variety of products, sell either by company or individual, but careful the price can sometimes be a bit excessive. Here is a link:

  3. Asian Market: Sometimes, you can find products or spice that are usually not available in a traditional market like Von's or Ralph. Take your time to check all the aisles, and you'll be surprise!

  4. Trader Joe's: You won't find everything that you're looking for, but some products called "French" (don't know if that's 100% true) are quite enjoyable. Not the real thing but sometimes we just need a little taste of France!

We hope it helps a bit to find your missing and favorite ingredients! You have options that we did not mention here? Let's share our passion for good food!

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